Alex Lindbloom is an award winning photographer and videographer and freelance photo journalist originally from Boise, Idaho. Since 2010 he has lived and worked in Asia, and currently resides in Indonesia, and for five of those years Alex lived and worked full time as an underwater videographer/photographer on a luxury dive boat in Indonesia that rotated seasons between Raja Ampat, Komodo, Alor, and the Banda Sea. After stepping off the boat in 2018 he has now taken on multiple roles which include leading dive and snorkel trips around the world for Dive Safari Asia and Snorkel Venture while also working as a Field Editor for Dive Photo Guide.

His images have been featured in Discovery Channel and are regular features in various dive magazines and an assortment of online publications. The diversity of Alex's skill set is hopefully exhibited through his powerful images which range from the tiniest sea creatures measuring no bigger than a grain of rice to blue whales, majestic manta rays, giant prehistoric carnivorous lizards, and stunning aerial vistas.

Aside from documenting the the worldly wonders above and below tera firma, Alex is self taught in both film and photography so he can clearly understand the many frustrations that come with cameras. On this site there will be regular updates with different tips and tricks and to help keep you from smashing your expensive equipment against a brick wall.

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